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19-March-2015 12:44
in Bespoke Jewellery
by John Titcombe

What has happened to the individual? For years as a nation we have been seduced by the High Street where everything is on offer at an affordable price.

However, we are now waking up to the realisation that what is actually offered by one large high street retailer is often very similar to that being offered by another. The result is that our purchases are bland, uninspiring and perceived as being ordinary.

No wonder then that a backlash has started as consumers do all they can to once again stamp their individuality on what they buy. It appears we are now leaving the era of mass consumerism and entering the age of the individual. As a nation we now customise everything. From mobile phones and personal stationary to furniture and finger nails, if we can customise something to suit our taste and individuality we will.

Even brands that have traditionally been seen as being exclusive have realised the shift in what the consumer wants. For example, Louis Vuitton now gives its customers the chance to decorate its distinctive woven leather holdalls and handbags with chunky letters in a range of eight colours; and footwear manufacturer Nike now offer customers the chance to design their own trainers in order to accommodate their own personal preferences.

And so it is with jewellery thanks to John Titcombe of Clifton and Cirencester. At one time to have a piece of bespoke jewellery made was the sole privilege of the powerful and wealthy. However, John Titcombe has made bespoke jewellery affordable for everyone. Gone are the days where couples would choose a ring from a jeweller's shop window. Now the trend is to create pieces of jewellery as individual as the person wearing it. After all, how much more special is an engagement or wedding ring that has been designed with the wearer in mind? It's now a normal part of the wedding experience for a couple to carefully select the metals and individual stones to be incorporated into a ring before an experienced goldsmith handcrafts them into a delicate work of art? And how much more special is it to receive such a ring and know that there is not another like it in the whole world? N Bird of Bristol sums the feeling up well when she said, "It's more than I ever expected, dreamed of or imagined. I feel the luckiest girl on the planet with the most exquisite ring on my finger."

The more our high street chains want to force consumers into uniformity, the more consumers will strive to realise their individuality. Therefore it is the savvy retailers and manufactures that grasp this change in consumer thinking, and embrace the desires of the individual, that will thrive and continue to prosper in what is a very difficult retail market.

If you would like further information, you can call us in Cirencester on 01285 655 754 or Bristol 0117 973 3178, alternatively visit us at our jewellery stores in Clifton, Bristol or Cirencester.

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Fashionably Bespoke
What has happened to the individual? For years as a nation we have been seduced by the High Street where everything is on offer at an affordable price. However, we are now waking up to the realisation that what is actually offered by one large high ...
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