Furrer-Jacot has built a strong market position worldwide with individuality, authenticity, creativity and a high degree of exclusivity, while retaining the values of an independent manufacturer.

Each piece is made to order and individually crafted in Schaffhausen; preferences concerning the choice of materials, the width of the ring or the diamond setting are gladly implemented by their highly skilled craftsmen. Furrer-Jacot uses only the most precious metals, such as gold, platinum and palladium, for its jewellery.

Furrer Jacot Life time warranty

Each ring comes with a lifetime warranty as they understand there products maybe worn for generations. Furrer-Jacot does not only provide you with the statutory guarantee for material and processing errors. Furrer Jacot also give you a permanent warranty against material and workmanship.


Since 1858, Schaffhausen-based manufacturer Furrer-Jacot has been specialising in customised engagement, diamond and wedding rings.

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Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

61-52970-0-0 is a 6.5mm wedding ring featuring 36 Round Brilliant diamonds. F/G Colour, VS Clarity. ...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

The 71-26800-0-0 (Plain)is a simple and timeless wedding ring with a brushed, matt finish, size 6mm...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-51770-0-0 is an: 8mm, 'watch strap' styled wedding ring featuring 7 round brilliant diamonds. F/G...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-51800-0-0 is a 10.00mm, fully grain set wedding ring, with 70 round brilliant cut diamonds F/G c...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52220-7-0 is a 4.5mm ring with 32 Round Brilliant cut diamonds fullt set around the entire weddin...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52250-0-0 is a 6mm ring with a flat profile, featuring 84 Round Brilliant diamonds. F/G colour, V...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52570-1-0 is a 4.5m wedding ring, featuring 38 Round Brilliant diamonds, grain set around the ent...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52610-0-0 is 7.00mm wedding ring featuring 56 Round Brilliant diamonds, F/G colour, VS clarity , ...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52690-0-0 is a 7m wedding ring featuring 60 Round Brilliant diamonds. F/G colour, VS clarity. 1.5...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52860-0-0, 8.8mm, Features 128 Round Brilliant Diamonds, F/G VS, 3.08ct Total carat weight. 71-2...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-52900-0-0 is a 9.00mm wedding ring featuring 39 Round Brilliant diamonds, grain set through the c...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

62-53040-0-0 is a 7.00mm wedding ring made form carbon fibre and a choice of other materials. Featur...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-27280-0-0 is an 8.00mm wedding ring, featuring a polished and brush finish. PRINT l EMAIL US ...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-27290-0-0 is an 7.5mm ring featuring a polished and brushed finish. PRINT l EMAIL US Once y...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-27360-0-0 is a 7.00mm ring featuring cut-out circular detail around the entire ring. Finished wit...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-27730-0-0 is a 7.5mm ring with texturized detailing surrounding the entire ring. PRINT l EMAIL...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-79540-0-0. Is a 5.5mm wedding ring set with a 0.04ct Round Brilliant Diamond. Finished with a bru...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-79570-0-0 is an 8.00mm wedding ring, set with a 0.05ct Round brilliant diamond. Finished with a c...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-79770-0-0 is an 8.00mm wedding ring, with a watch strap design. Set with 1 round brilliant diamon...


Furrer Jacot Wedding Rings

71-79780-0-0 is an 8.5mm wedding ring. Set with a 0.0.3ct Round Brilliant diamond. Finished with a m...



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