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Pearls are said to be the Queen of gems, no matter how classic, vintage or traditional their beauty in jewellery is worn by all ages. Whether it be a pair of studs as a keepsake for an 18th birthday or a thank you for the bridesmaids, pearls will be suitable.

The price range of pearls can vary from twenty pound freshwater pearl studs to a million pound natural pearl necklace. To determine the different qualities of pearls we must consider the luster, color, size, lack of surface flaw and symmetry.

See below for a very basic lesson in types of pearls which we like to use in our designs:

South Sea Pearl - Generally, larger in size these pearls range in colour from an ivory white to a golden yellow. They are cultured from the Gold or silver - lipped pearl oyster found in places such as Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines. They are usually harvested within 2-4.

Cultured Akoya Pearl - Akoya pearls used to be found naturally in Japans' Ago Bay, however now they are primarily cultured. Cultured pearls are now accepted in the jewellery world, however, this was not until 1940 due to contradictions that they were not real. The lawsuit was won that cultured pearls are the same substance and colour as natural pearls, the only difference being that the nuclei is artificially inserted. Akoya cultured pearls are round and approximately sized between 4mm-8mm and usually harvested after about a year.

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Cultured freshwater pearls are commonly found to be not completely round and more of an oval shape.

Black Tahitian Pearl From the Black lipped Oyster, the Tahitian pearl was discovered in Tahiti and Tuamoto Islands in 1827. The colour of these extraordinary pearl ranges from grey to black. They are usually harvested within 2-4 years.

Pearls used to be sized by their weight, however since becoming primarily cultured they are now sized by their diameter.

We are also able to restring your pearls or other beads for you and provide new clasps if necessary.

To keep your pearls in their best condition, make them the last thing you put on - avoid spraying them with hairspray, perfume or other substances. Dependent on how often you wear them, check the thread for wear and tear or weak spots where your pearls need restringing.

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